Is Your Computer Slow?

When I decided to write my blog I set to thinking about all the different problems that I have come across over the years, from the everyday issues to the outright bizarre. After some brainstorming I have decided to highlight one of the most common.


Slow Computers?


The phrase I use all the time is ‘a slow computer is a sick computer’. While this isn’t very scientific, it is more often than not the case. When a computer is slower than it ought to be, it usually stems from three main causes.


Maintenance issues


To keep your computer at its best, regular maintenance can slow the signs of aging and prevent numerous, all too common, problems. General maintenance does not require any special equipment and if done regularly need only take a few minutes.


Lack of resources


Very often even the most well cared for computer starts getting slower. This is often caused by the fact that the computer its self has never been physically upgraded but the usage and demands on it have increased. New software for phones, cameras, printers and scanners all use a small amount of your computers resources.


Physically upgrading your computer carefully can make a huge difference to its performance.




As well as all of the above, computers develop faults with age, from corrupt software and file systems to failing parts.

Corrupt software can come from viruses, the use of incompatible software and just every day wear and tear.


Faulty parts like hard drives and memory modules are among the most common and cost effective to fix. If a computer is running at healthy speed it will generally develop less problems. The rest I’m afraid is down to luck! Some computer have long healthy lives, some just don’t.


At PC Problems we test faulting computers and then fix them. Without fixing the cause of a problem the fix rarely lasts!


Lastly, I always try to remind my customers to back up any important documents and data that they might have. Computers don’t always give much warning when they do decide to go wrong!